Monday, July 30, 2018

Day of the African woman"

On July 31, 1962 was institutionalized the "day of the African woman" during a Conference of African women, held in Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania, which was attended by representatives of 14 countries and eight national liberation movements.
That Act was based, so that, in 1974, was created the Pan-African organization of the women (OPM), which aims to allow the change in the lives of African women, promoting their progress, justice and peace in the world.
The OPM to the UNMS and various women's organizations working to ensure the participation of women in decision-making, respect for human rights, as well as the Elimination of all forms of discrimination and violence against them.
African women's day is an exceptional moment, because it highlights the history of struggles for freedom of expression, the African mother's love as well as their contribution to the progress and evolution of societies internationally. This day is an opportunity to honor the women of a continent full of challenges, but also full of possibilities and progress for liberation and the building of a tolerant and egalitarian society in the framework of the objectives and activities to develop in the program marked by the Decade of African woman 2010-2020.

In this context the Sahrawi women work on the ground for progress at the level of organization of civil society, especially the Organization of women, youth and disabled and whose efforts deserve the highest recognition to be an experience developed in the field of democracy, equality and good governance for more than 43 years in adverse circumstances of exile, as well as the importance of the efforts made by the Sahrawi institutions in respect to the human rights.
The Sahrawi women in exile are the engine of an economy that is based on the management exemplary humanitarian aid who receive the Sahrawi refugees as well as promote self-financing and small initiatives allowing a self-sufficiency and no place to doubt is part of the work of African women to revive the economies of families.
The contributions of African women to the family economy, food production systems, and national economies in general, is being recognized gradually because they constitute 80% of the people who implement actions of trade transnational, generating millions of dollars a year into the economies of sub-Saharan Africa. However, most of the policies implemented by Governments have obviated these contributions, so the women who perform these tasks act with little or no institutional support.
Different international institutions (UN women, World Bank and NGOs) are working at the regional and country level to promote women's economic empowerment: business training programs, microcredit programs, assistance Financial, etc... These institutions also work to eliminate other barriers, such as trade policies and regulations that hinder women's access to markets. Sahrawi women want to congratulate African women on this day of African women and we demand the end of the occupation of our country by Morocco and its military and police forces so that our freedom is a reality that allows us to change In the lives of Sahrawi women, To promote with our progress, justice and peace in our continent and in the world.

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