Thursday, February 18, 2016

Mother's day reléase

Mother's day reléase

In the national day of the Saharawi mother, the National Union of Sahrawi women condemns the inhumane and barbaric practices which Morocco exerted against women in Sahrawi occupied cities and in the South of Morocco, practices that reach the end of the murder, rape and detention. Accordingly, it appealed to all human rights organizations and humanitarian organizations to put pressure on Morocco to stop the suffering of the Sahrawi women, deprived of their freedom as a fundamental right. It also takes the opportunity to express its unconditional solidarity with all the women of the world, victims of persecution, abuse and deprivation, as well as condemnation of the serious violations against women Sahrawi who suffer date of occupation and Moroccan invasion of Western Sahara since 1975,

This 18 day, coinciding with the national day of the Saharawi mother, been 40 years since the sad anniversary of the February 18, 1976, date of the Moroccan aviation bombing killing sons and daughters of the Sahrawi people including the martyr Shaia Ahmed Zein and her baby. Conjure women of the National Union of Sahrawi women greet the resistance of Sahrawi women in General and mothers in particular, symbol of steadfastness and resistance in the occupied territories and the diaspora communities and refugee camps, camps of honor and dignity.

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