Sunday, February 28, 2016

Saharan women commemorate the 40th anniversary of State Sahrawi

In the Sahrawi refugee camps in the Diaspora and in the territories occupied by Morocco in the Western Sahara is celebrated the 40th anniversary of the proclamation of the democratic Saharawi Republic.

 On February 27, 1976, the Saharawi Democratic Republic, in the region of Bir Lehlu was proclaimed, all Saharans announced its adherence to the principles of the Frente Polisario and its total willingness to sacrifice and the armed struggle for the liberation and independence of our country against the Moroccan occupiers.

To commemorate this historic event organized political and military parades, as well as other cultural activities in the Saharawi refugee camps, in the occupied areas of Western Sahara, in the territories liberated from the Sadr, and he is also celebrated by our communities abroad. On this 40th anniversary of such prominent event, and in this context the National Union of women participated in the parade, projecting the fields of Sahrawi women's participation, political, social and economic. 

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