Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The democratic women's movement (MDM) of Portugal salutes the SADR

Under the 40 th anniversary RASD, the democratic women's movement (MDM) of Portugal salutes the Frente Polisario, the UNMS and all Sahrawi popular organizations in their struggle for independence and national sovereignty.
We want to reaffirm our solidarity to the popular front for the liberation of the Sahrawi people and our unconditional solidarity with UNMS and all the Sahrawi people and our repudiation of the ferocious attack of the Morocco in the occupied territories and the deafening silence of the Security Council of the UN.
MDM defends, with you, a referendum is free and fair so that the Saharan people to exercise the right to self-determination, as they determine the UN resolutions; so the release of all Saharawi political prisoners, and that be known the whereabouts of kidnapped and disappeared Sahrawi.
Together international bodies MDM defends that servant is an international mechanism for the protection of human rights in Western Sahara and the cessation of the plundering of the natural riches of illegally in the occupied part of the Western Sahara.

MDM salutes the Sadr and their organizational structures to believe that they will know the challenges and reinforce the principles and values of peace, as well as expand reports of all violations committed by the forces of Morocco against the people, refugees and Saharawis in the occupied territories.

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