Wednesday, March 9, 2016

A Saharawi delegation takes part in the celebrations of the international day of women in Vitry

Responding to an invitation from the municipality of Vitry a Saharawi delegation participates in the celebrations of the international day of the woman.
The Parisian municipality organized an evening to celebrate this important event to present and discuss the concerns of women at the level of society.
And where the delegation of Sahrawi women had the opportunity to contact the associations of women and assistants to exchange experiences as well as giving voice to the Sahrawi women and publicize their suffering in occupied Sahara exposed to serious violations faced by every day at the hands of the Moroccan security services.

The delegation is composed of Láala Yahdih, President of the Association of Saharawi women in France, Fatimetu Zrug, former Deputy and member of UJSARIO and Ali Rubio, Member of the Committee of relatives of detainees Gdim Izik. They were also present in the Lady Act. Claude Monjane the Asfari and members of the Association of friends of the Sadr in France.

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