Sunday, March 6, 2016

It continues the awareness campaign of the elections to the Sahrawi Parliament

It continues the awareness campaign organized by the National Union of Sahrawi Women, which began in the Wilaya of el Aaiún on the importance of political participation of women on the occasion of the elections to the Sahrawi Parliament in the new legislature after completing the previous March 3.

This campaign aims to raise awareness among women about the importance of understanding and the need to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the Organization and the need to strengthen the position of women in decision-making as the Parliament considered one of the institutions most important positions.
The campaign also includes encouraging women voters and the candidates to the Parliament the need for Sahrawi women have effective participation in elections and vote to women to promote women's participation in Parliament.

The campaign also wants to remind the added value which means respect for the Saharawi State grants to women's rights and their participation and resilience through their struggle and activism during the 40 years and who needs to expand it with the participation of women in all electoral processes. Therefore we call on women to assume their responsibility for the consolidation of his status through the promotion of such participation to achieve positive results through the Sahrawi women's participation rate and that respond to the level of participation in the various national programmes.

The seminars were also a platform of solidarity with our people in the occupied territories, especially with political prisoners and in particular the Group of prisoners from  Gdim izik camp who remain on strike for their legitimate rights. It is another opportunity to reaffirm support for our prisoners on hunger strike and to continue the struggle until the goal of freedom and independence. 

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