Wednesday, March 7, 2018

As every year, on the occasion of the commemoration of the international women's day, the Sahrawi women express our willingness to fight for the eradication of all forms of domination,

The United Nations General Assembly at its thirtieth-second session declare on March 8 as the United Nations day for women's rights and international peace.
As every year, on the occasion of the commemoration of the international women's day, the Sahrawi women express our willingness to fight for the eradication of all forms of domination, for social justice, empowerment, peace and equal rights and opportunities between men and women in all areas of social, economic, political and personal life.
The National Union of Sahrawi women (UNMS) commemorate every year on March 8 as a double anniversary: in memory of the first Saharawi martyr in the revolution, Bashir Lehlaui, symbol of struggle for freedom, and the international women's day, which commemorates it women around the world.
The commemoration of 8 March coincides this year with celebrations that the Sahrawi people conducted as a whole of the 42nd anniversary of the proclamation of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic.
The Sahrawi women celebrate this anniversary, highlighting the efforts of the State Saharawi to foster women's empowerment and their participation in political, social, cultural and professional, as well as the efforts made by the African Union in its Agenda of the Decade of African women.
On this occasion the Sahrawi women pay tribute to all the women, who have shed their blood in defence of freedom, as well as to all the mothers and militants who have committed to the educanda the Sahrawi generations in culture of peace and equity.
The illegal occupation of Western Sahara by Morocco continues to claim hundreds of victims which include dozens of Sahrawi women tortured, persecuted and imprisoned by the occupation authorities. The Sahrawi women continue to be the main target of the policy of repression, erected in system, by the Moroccan authorities in Western Sahara occupied before a blackout accentuated by its closure before the press and international observers .
Despite the resumption of new contacts to revive the negotiations between Morocco and the Frente Polisario that have started these weeks under the supervision of the Personal representative of UN SG Horst Kohler, the Moroccan Government, in the same way That obstructed the referendum process to which it was nonetheless committed, is visibly determined to fail these negotiations because of its constant obstacles and maneuvers to dilate the peace process.
The international community and in particular women's organizations in the world should do everything possible to prevent the violation of international legality from becoming an irreversible fait accompli.
Sahrawi women want to encourage them to redouble their solidarity with Sahrawi women, and we therefore call on international organizations to condemn the Crans-Montana forum, which is scheduled to take place in the occupied city of Dajla This March, and with what Morocco is trying to legitimize the occupation of our country and continue to circumvent international legality.

We also call on the international community to put pressure on the Moroccan state to end human rights violations committed against the Sahrawi population in the occupied territories of Western Sahara and the release of All Sahrawi political prisoners, as well as the end of the plundering of the natural resources of the Sahrawi people and the elimination of the humiliating and shameful Moroccan wall dividing the Sahrawi people. To support the right to self-determination of the Sahrawi people and the recovery of their sovereignty. National to establish peace in Western Sahara.

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