Wednesday, March 28, 2018

The UNMS participated in the XIV Conference on the sustainable development goals, and gender equality

At the invitation of the provincial Council of Alicante the general Secretary of the National Union of Sahrawi women, Fatma Mehdi participated at the decimocuartas Conference on the objectives of sustainable development, particularly the one concerning organized gender equality by the Department of equality of gender of the provincial Council of Alicante which took place yesterday, March 28.
In addition to the municipal authorities, the capacity surpassed 400 participants representing associations and political, social and cultural institutions.
During the opening remarks, Mercedes Alonso GarcĂ­a, Vice Minister of family, citizenship, women, equality and cooperation, stressed the importance of sustainable development to achieve gender equality. In addition, emphasized the need for support to the Saharawi people and its right to live in peace, calling to intensify the efforts to strengthen the solidarity with the Saharan refugees.
The intervention of the Secretary general of the National Union of Sahrawi women focused on the harsh Saharan women in the camps, living as well as the repression in the occupied territories embodied through a video about abuses suffered by the Sahrawi people in the occupied territories. The intervention also emphasized the role of women in Sahrawi society and their contributions to the continental and international levels for achieving peace and freedom.

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